What silica can do for your teeth

Dentists are expensive. It only makes sense to invest money in preventative dental care in order to avoid tooth pain and costly dental work later. Most people know that calcium is important for teeth, but did you know that silica is also an essential mineral for strong teeth?

Silicon is an essential trace nutrient that scientists have long recognized as essential for bone health as well as the formation of healthy connective tissue, hair, skin, fingernails and tooth enamel. Is your diet providing you with the silicon your body needs for optimal health? One way to be sure is to supplement your diet with Silapure Silica Supplement, diatomaceous earth or orthosilicic acid.

SilaLive Silica

Silica Mineral Information

Did you know that silica is the most common mineral in the world? Silica accounts for 27.8% of the earth’s weight, making it the second principal constituent of the earth’s crust after oxygen. Its crystallized and amorphous forms are found in a variety of rocks, among of which are sandstone and granites. It dissolves in […]


What Is Silicon

After oxygen, silicon is the second most common element on the planet, and vital for biological functioning in animals. Although scientists have not conclusively determined its importance as a plant nutrient, silicon has been scientifically demonstrated to improve plants’ resistance to fungal and insect pathogens and other types of stress. In animals, including humans, silicon […]


Silicon and Your Teeth

Silicon is such an effective dentifrice, that diatomaceous earth was originally mined as tooth powder. Silicon helps promote healthy tooth enamel, and healthy tooth enamel prevents tooth decay and receding gums.


Renew Your Body Naturally

Every day, your hair, teeth, nails and skin lose external cells you can see. Internally, the process is taking place in your brain, blood vessels, bones, teeth and heart. SilaLive provides the systemic healing, cleansing and regenerating mineral, called silica, which replace these old cells. You can easily save money that you would have spent […]


Crystal Quartz Silica

Crystal quartz is the original source of this incredible mineral, called silica. Silica is essential to life. Health supplements, like SilaLive, micronize this mineral so it can be easily digested and used at the cellular level. Silica is a tough, cleansing mineral that can help improve more and more body systems every day. Silica is […]


SilaLive Regenerates Teeth

The average body holds about seven grams of silica. This silica store becomes depleted over time and is very difficult to replenish since your body has a tough time transforming the silica found in food into a form you can use. SilaLive combines the diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid (organic silica) forms into one product […]


Silica Strengthens Teeth and Bones

Silica has a unique relationship with calcium. Some scientists see silica as a precursor to calcium because through the process of transmutation, silica is changed into calcium. Silica works with calcium to strengthen teeth and bones. Silica assists in mineral absorption. Silica hardens tooth enamel, which prevents cavities from forming. Silica prevents bleeding gums and […]